Developing a Scheme of Learning at KS3 Science RP837


This course is designed to support teachers and subject co-ordinators to develop a high quality scheme of learning at Key Stage 3. It explores the various challenges and opportunities and considers what the role of the Key Stage 3 course is in terms of preparing students to make good progress throughout the 11-16 phase of learning.

It includes the role of the big ideas in science, explores how working scientifically can be incorporated and used to prepare for the next generation of GCSE courses and identifies how progress can be tracked so that underperformance can be addressed.

With the demise of modular assessment at GCSE there is now an opportunity to construct a course that covers five years of learning in a progressive and engaging way; this course develops the capacity to make the most of this.



You will be able to:

  • produce a high quality scheme of learning that satisfies the requirements of the KS3 Programme of Study and builds foundations for success at KS4
  • incorporate effective practice as regards engagement, challenge and enquiry based learning
  • plan to track progress and assess outcomes effectivly




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