Introduction to Python 3 and data analysis HC524

Learn to use Python to gather and work with data.


This CPD is suitable for those who want to learn how to use the Python programming language and how it can be used to gather and work with data.

The two day CPD will focus on:

  • first steps with Python
    • data types, variables, loops, lists, dictionaries
  • going further with Python
    • using libraries, reading / writing external files, working with data from the internet
  • visualising data, creating graphs and charts

There will be a mixture of interactive sessions and group work focusing on getting hands on with Python.

Day one will focus on getting everyone to a level where they are comfortable using Python.

Day two will focus on creating projects based upon the skills learnt in day one. There will also be time to explore and repeat any of day one’s content.


This course will:

  • provide an understanding of what Python can do
  • introduce Python coding best practices
  • show you how to use Python with external data sources
  • allow you to automatically create data visualisations


An awareness of Python would be an advantage, but this course will give you the grounding to start using Python in your own projects.

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