Python - practical programming to A level CY231

Using a hands-on approach, you will gain confidence with the tools and approaches needed for a successful Python project.


This highly practical CPD supports teachers of students undertaking practical programming projects at A-level. Using a hands-on approach, participants will gain confidence with the tools and approaches needed for a successful project, which provides the means for their students to demonstrate their capability through a well-planned, functioning Python project.

After learning Object Oriented Programming techniques, participants will make creative use of Pygame and will combine SQL with Python to develop a powerful program. A full-project approach will include design of data structures, user interfaces and modular code. we will also explore some of the potential for physical computing projects, providing alternatives for students that increase engagement.

Previous participants said:

"most of my class will be attempting a games project so this was an essential session"

"I can now see how this will fit into an A Level scheme of work and feel confident that I can build on the foundations from the course."

"I particularly enjoyed the discussion on project complexity and how to make a project complex, including the practical, hands-on look at what makes a project complex"

"all sessions were very beneficial and given lots of thoughts and ideas for future planning and needs for my skills building and development of dept of knowledge"


Participants will:
• develop a knowledge of OOP concepts and techniques
• gain hands-on experience and knowledge of Python tools and libraries
• take away a toolkit of approaches to successfully run complex and successful a-level projects
• be able to guide students through the project design and implementation process.


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