GCSE computer science theory - teaching the tough topics CY239

Be equipped with powerful strategies to teach science theory and help your students achieve their potential in exams.


Some computer science theory is perceived to be hard to learn, and hard to teach. We'll tackle this preconception head on and equip you with powerful ways to help your students reach their highest potential in exams.

Experienced and successful lead teachers of computer science will share their tips for teaching:

  • cyber security moral,
  • ethical and legal aspects of computer science
  • common algorithms
  • high and low-level programming languages
  • processor architecture and the fetch-execute cycle
  • data compression and representation.
  • packet-switched networks and the TCP/IP stack
  • client-server relationships

We'll work on programming using Python, as well as purely theoretical sessions.


You will be able to:

  • be more confident in teaching theory to the highest grades in GCSE
  • have improved subject knowledge, being able to answer the questions of your best students
  • Recognise how to answer exam questions in ways to gain the best possible marks

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