Making science fun, memorable and safe RP634

A hands on day for primary science coordinators exploring how to run safe and exciting practicals in the classroom.


During this day for primary science teachers and coordinators you will participate in:

  • investigating indicators – in this fun, hands-on activity reflect on strategies for preparing resources, the purpose and power of observations, and the importance of raising questions and supporting open-ended enquiry
  • making safety work for you – an interactive lecture about what risk assessment means for school science and CLEAPSS’ role in supporting teachers to achieve safe practical lessons
  • light – think it, talk it, be it. Carry out a series of practical activities from a science and literacy teaching sequence about light
  • planning for exciting, safe practical work – reflect on what you have learned about practical work , safety and CLEAPSS and then spend time using the CLEAPSS resources for planning and training


You will be able to:

  • run practicals confidently
  • manage open ended enquiry
  • make safety work for you
  • discover resources for a range of practicals

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