Using manipulatives to enhance understanding in secondary mathematics MY210

Learn how to encourage active learning in mathematics with the use of manipulatives or 'objects to think with'. A great opportunity to use and reflect on manipulatives.


“Cannot wait to get back to school to share what I have learned and seen and done today”

Past participant

Encourage active learning in secondary mathematics lessons with the use of manipulatives.

Manipulatives - or 'objects to think with' - include counters, interlocking cubes, Cuisenaire rods, tiles and more. Research suggests that their use is beneficial to mathematical understanding, and can help student retention, problem solving and reasoning.

This two day, residential, hands-on, practical experience is suitable for all teachers of mathematics in secondary school.

Sessions include:

  • the amazing world of interlocking cubes
  • a hundred and one things to do with dice and dominos
  • games on geoboards
  • bar modelling
  • proof by origami
  • optional evening session: playing a selection of mathematical games

“Very informative and nice to have time to experience the resources and consider different ways of using the manipulatives.”

Past participant


Participants will:

  • explore a variety of resources available for use in secondary mathematics
  • develop methods for using manipulatives to enhance mathematical understanding and communication
  • explore the wealth of resources freely available on the National STEM Learning Centre eLibrary which can be used in conjunction with manipulatives

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