Improving LGBTQ+ Inclusivity in the Biology Curriculum & 1:1 Support Session Package RA913 / A69

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1 Jul 24
90 Minutes

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Secondary science teachers and non-subject specialist staff often have to teach parts of the curriculum which include sex and reproduction at KS3. Current practice often enforces the idea of a gender binary and uses very narrow human examples where gendered terms and sex terms can become confused. It also often serves to ‘other’ non-nuclear family dynamics. This can make the topic daunting if teaching mixed cohorts of students that include those who identify as non-binary or trans, as well as students from same-sex families. 

This session identifies common issues and challenges that can make these lessons isolating, and offers practical ways of updating language and examples to create a more inclusive topic overview that can broaden student’s understanding and look past traditional binary concepts. Progression in this area is supported by the national curriculum, exam boards, and other educational bodies. This session will be of interest to secondary science teachers as well as science/curriculum leads looking to update their approaches and support their staff in increasing inclusivity when covering these topics. 

The Package:

  •  Improving LGBTQ+ Inclusivity in the Biology Curriculum Remote session - 3rd June 2024.
  •  1:1 Bespoke Remote Support session as follow up.

There is a Teacher Release Payment available of £220. Please note that this does not deduct the fee immediately.  You will receive an invoice for the full amount and the Teacher Release Payment will be released back to the school once attendance at all sessions has been confirmed. 


Who is the course leader?


- Identify common challenges and misconceptions in current SoW that cover sex and reproduction.

- Suggested techniques to help update language and definitions used in lessons.

- Suggestions for approaching these topics in lessons and improving inclusivity of delivery.

- Diverse examples and hinterland to enrich SoW and reduce focus on humans and the binary.


Improving LGBTQ+ Inclusivity in the Biology Curriculum & 1:1 Support Session Package01 July 202415:30-17:00Virtual

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State-funded school or collegeActivity fee£320.00 +VAT
Fee-paying school or college (independent)Activity fee£480.00 +VAT

This course still has availability, book now

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