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25 Jun 24
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Remote learning session 6 - Particle model

Kinetic theory · Density · Doing work on a gas · Specific heat capacity · Specific latent heat AQA 8.2.1 Required practical activity

1 - An investigation to determine the specific heat capacity of one or more materials. The investigation will involve linking the decrease of one energy store (or work done) to the increase in temperature and subsequent increase in thermal energy stored. AQA 8.2.5 Required practical activity 5 - Use appropriate apparatus to make and record the measurements needed to determine the densities of regular and irregular solid objects and liquids. Volume should be determined from the dimensions of a regularly shaped object and by a displacement technique for irregularly shaped objects. Dimensions to be measured using appropriate apparatus such as a ruler, micrometer or Vernier callipers.


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Secondary bespoke support25 June 202415:30-16:40Virtual

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This course still has availability, book now

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