New to teaching A level physics NY252 / C21

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7 Feb 22
4 Days
National STEM Learning Centre, Siwards Way, York YO10 5DD How to find us


Are you teaching A level physics for the first time, and wish to improve your subject knowledge?  Do you wish to strengthen your delivery and confidence, to provide a stimulating and challenging experience for your students?
As well as developing subject knowledge we will see how you can integrate inspiring and engaging practical activities.  We also cover how to tackle common misconceptions, build cutting edge science into your lessons alongside different activities that use ICT to enable students to make maximum progression. 

Who is it for?

Focusing on subject knowledge this will benefit physics NQT’s (Newly Qualified Teachers) or RQT’s (Recently Qualified Teachers) who are teaching A level for the first time, or non-specialists who may be moving from teaching GCSE/KS4 to A level.  

What topics are covered?

During the course we will cover:
  • materials -  identifying difficulties with the subjective nature of materials and understanding key definitions like brittleness 
  • mechanics - looking at SUVAT, using dataloggers and modern technology to teach forces and motion
  • electricity - looking at capacitors and potential dividers along with effective ways to undertake calculations
  • waves - explaining Young's double slit experiment, trialling the core practical and building on basic GCSE knowledge
  • particles and radiation - gain an understanding of the history of particle physics and building confidence in the use of terms like MeV and also the standard model
  • nuclear and medical physics - looking at contempory physics and how advances in medical physics is being used today e.g. hadron beam therapy
  • maths in physics - building links with maths departments to build students understanding of equations as well as logs and exponentials
  • engaging and relevant practical - going above and beyond the core practical work, allowing for alternatives and building students understanding through unfamiliar contexts
Not sure yet? Here is a free taster which will give you a better understanding of what to expect once you join the course. Please note, this is a free short activity you can do in your own time.

How will you learn?

This course will be delivered face to face with participant tasks to be completed between sessions.

How long is this course?

This is a four day intensive course split into two periods of two days each.  

Who is the course leader?

  • Adam Little

    I am the Professional Development Leader for Physics at the National STEM Centre in York. I lead course based around physics from ages 11-19, and...


By the end of this course, you will be able to:
  • develop engaging and interactive approaches to core topics such as medical physics, forces and motion, quantum physics and electricity
  • describe examples of contemporary physics such as how the principals behind the detectors at CERN can be used for radiotherapy
  • prioritise an area of action research that be carried out in your educational establishment  


New to teaching A-level Physics - Day one07 February 202211:00-19:00National STEM Learning Centre
New to teaching A-level Physics - Day two08 February 202209:00-16:00National STEM Learning Centre
New to teaching A-level Physics - Day three19 April 202211:00-19:00National STEM Learning Centre
New to teaching A-level Physics - Day four20 April 202209:00-16:00National STEM Learning Centre



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