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UsernameAdam Little
OrganisationNational STEM Learning Centre
Current RoleITE Lead/Mentor

I am the Professional Development Leader for Physics at the National STEM Centre in York. I lead course based around physics from ages 11-19, and also have an interest in using technology in the classroom and tackling misconceptions of students.

I previously taught science for over 10 years in three secondary schools across West Yorkshire and held roles in Teaching and Learning as well as Head of Science. I have written an online course for the TES Institute on Physics for non-specialists and I hold CSciTeach with ASE and I'm also a Member of the Institute of Physics.


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16 Feb 17
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Cutting edge science: the science of now

The University of Manchester gets Nobel Prize for graphene. Gene therapy could eradicate cancer and heart disease. Large Hadron Collider scientists developing new cancer treatments.These are just three headlines that have emblazoned the front of national newspapers in recent times. When students think of science they are often taught to look...