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I'm an artist based in Newcastle, who specialises in work about space exploration and science of the cosmos. I work with space scientists, engineers and astrophysicists nationwide and, as such, have access to experts and their knowledge. Through this collaborative work, I became a STEM Ambassador in 2010 and an ESERO-UK Space Ambassador in 2013. I employ STEAM education methods to encourage children to engage with science through art techniques.

Through first-hand experience visiting space institutions and universities, I communicate current space science and careers information to a diverse audience of children and adults. Workshops and presentations include the Moon, Sun, Solar System, astrophysics and space junk projects at the Science Museum, Arts Catalyst, Centre for Life, British Science Festival and IoP.

Over 9 years, art space projects and residencies have included ‘Moon-shot: Woman in the Moon’ (examining historical lunar missions and future colonisation), ‘The Human Spaceship’ (researching vision and visual cognition in space) and currently ‘Yellow Giant’ working with solar physicists and Think Physics from Northumbria University, expressing science of the Sun through large dramatic paintings and related schools projects. My current artworks are large paintings, smart materials costumes and glass installations exploring colour, geometric proportion and light manipulation by using 2d and 3d optical illusions. These artworks are exhibited at art and science venues around the UK spanning both fields of interest.

In 2015, I was awarded a large grant from the New York based Pollock Krasner Foundation with a remit to visit space science institutions and develop associated art projects; these include UK Space Gateway, National Space Centre, ESA, Royal Astronomical Society, space industries and universities.

I’m currently developing PhD proposal for Newcastle Fine Art Dept and Durham University Biophysics Dept to research human vision and visual perception in altered gravity conditions using art as expression of this research.

http://thenewbridgeproject.com/portfolio/helen-schell/ NewBridge Studios
Yellow Giant, Vane Newcastle 2015
Moon-shot, Vane 2013


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