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STEM Ambassador Impact Tool

The STEM Ambassador Impact Tool provides a quick and easy method of collecting impact data. STEM Ambassador Hubs, STEM Ambassadors and educators are encouraged to use the tool to evidence the impact of engagement on young people. Click below to access the tool and the supporting guidance.


Taking photographs from the International Space Station

During his mission to the International Space Station, Tim Peake shared many spectacular photographs of the Earth. During this interview, recorded in  March 2017, he talks about taking the photographs and what such images can be used for. The teacher guide will help you find the segment or sections that are most...

Higher order thinking skills

A very useful, science-related overview of current theories and frameworks.  The resource includes

  • a look at the major concepts, such as metacognition, proceedural knowledge, problem solving and critical thinking
  • theories related to learning and higher order thinking skills: Piaget, Bruner...

An introduction to mathematical cognition

Image result for An introduction to mathematical cognition

The last decade has seen a rapid growth in our understanding of the cognitive systems that underlie mathematical...

Dimensional mazes

Image result for Dimensional mazes

Image result for Dimensional mazes

A unique book that features five three-...


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Blue planet 2

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In recent years, our knowledge of what goes on in our Ocean has been transformed. Blue Planet II uses cutting-edge breakthroughs...

Attenborough: 60 years in the wild

 60 Years in the Wild [DVD & UV Copy]


Sir David Attenborough revisits his award-winning shows, shares anecdotes from an astonishing career spanning 60 years, returns to the Borneo jungle as he...

Parents and children: what do you know about your rights?

This is a book of stories with questions and answers to help define parents and children's rights in relation to education, the National Health Service and the law (archive)

Creating with paper

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Complete illustrated instructions for making an almost limitless variety of imaginative paper objects ― masks, hats, baskets, greeting cards, party...


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