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Session Eight: Applying their Programming Knowledge to Play and Evaluate a Game Challenge

In this activity, children work in pairs to learn and set each other challenges using the Rapid Router software.

The challenges include the use of Loop, If and Repeat Until commands, asking children to consider how they can automate a process and create efficient code. The activities focus on driving a...

An Introduction to Python (v2.7 and v3)

This learning resource is an introduction to programming with Python. Versions are included for Python 2.7 and Python 3.

The fundamentals of programming are covered:
• Arithmetic operations
• Data types
• Control flow

As well as some more advanced techniciques including the use of:...

Bee-Bots Tinkering: Exploring Using Bee-Bots

For lower-primary children with some understanding of algorithms, this Barefoot Computing activity uses a basic robot (BeeBot) to show how algorithms are executed as stored programs on digital devices.

Simple sequences of instructions are given to the BeeBot to 'write' numbers. These algorithms are...


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