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STEM Clubs are individual to each school and there is no fixed formula for running one. There is, however, plenty of support available for those wanting to start one, and for existing club leaders who want to develop their club further.

This collection includes a step by step guide which...

A collection of activities and ideas for STEM  Ambassadors to use  in a classroom setting.

This collection no longer exists. Please follow the link below to find the resources: https://www....

As experts in teaching of STEM subjects, the National STEM Learning Centre and Network is here to help teachers inspire, excite and engage students.

Published termly, the STEM Learning magazines bring together engaging, useful information, ideas and resources into three tailored editions (primary, secondary...

STEM Learning Magazine

Published termly and supporting the primary, secondary and further education sector, these insightful magazines contain interviews, features, news, and tips on teaching and learning in STEM related subjects.

The STEM Learning magazines pull the expertise of the National STEM Learning Centre and Network and...

People like me

Developed by the Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) campaign, the People Like Me approach is an initiative designed to speak to girls aged 11-14 on their terms and demonstrate that STEM is very much for “people like them”.

This collection of training resources for STEM Ambassadors...

This collection contains a number of resources dedicated to STEM competitions, awards and olympiads.

HEaTED magazine

Published termly, the HEaTED magazines bring together information, ideas and resources to support technicians in FE and HE institutions. The magazines also highlight resources and professional development opportunities.

Exploring mathematics on your own: volume 18 - computer programming

This is not a textbook on computer programming but a lively, widely-ranging account of what programming is and how it works. Instead of concentrating on the bread-and-butter type of program (commercial and scientific), it describes as well some more unusual programs.

More teaching, learning and mathematics with I.C.T


This book contains a compilation of articles from "Micromath", a journal of The Association of Teachers of Mathematics. The articles were published between Spring 1995 and Winter 1999. The...

Weapons of math destruction: how big data increases inequality and threatens democracy


A former Wall Street quant sounds an alarm on the mathematical models that pervade modern life and threaten to rip apart our social fabric.



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