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Born to Engineer - Mathew Holloway

Engineer Matt Holloway and his team have designed and built a robot designed to get into small spaces that can insulate your home. A robot literally designed keep you warm through the long cold winter nights.


Underwater technology - echo ranger

This video by Boeing explains the challenges involved in creating an echo ranger that will work on the Boeing underwater systems. It explains the impact that this technology will have on exploration of the seas and the people that study them.

Improving wing design of aircraft: 737 Winglet

This video explains the development and impact of improved wing design by Boeing. Using the Boeing 737 as a case study, the video explains how the winglet improves aircraft efficiency and draws on the impact that design and engineering can have on travel and the environment.

Developing biofuels for the aircraft industry

This video by Boeing supports students to understand about biofuels, explaining what they are, why they are needed as a renewable fuel and the impact that developing them will have on the environment.

Space scientist and science communicator: Maggie Aderin-Pocock MBE

This is a lovely film clip which will help a range of students to feel that they can choose a career in science.  Dr Aderin Pocock is a Space Scientist and a Science Communicator, but she explains how she moved around from school to school and was told that she probably wouldn't be able to...

Audio designer

Ross is an audio engineer at Realtime Worlds, he discusses his role in this video. His role involves creating, recording and editing sound effects for video games. He has always enjoyed music and worked in a music shop after he left school. He went on to working in a recording studio where he picked up technical...

Pollution, prevention and control officer

Charlotte is a Pollution, Prevention and Control Officer for the Environment Agency - "you could say I'm a policeman for the environment". In the video Charlotte explains that she found it a challenge being a woman in chemical engineering but had support from her university professor. The Environment Agency offered...

Water engineer

This video introduces Nariba, a graduate water engineer for engineering company Halcrow. Nariba performs assessments for construction projects, focusing on flood risk management. Her work includes water management, drainage, flooding, water quality issues, flood risk management and flood defenses....

Aviation engineer profile: Ben Truman

In this film, from the Institute of Mechanical Engineers, Ben Truman explains his passion for aviation and engineering. After completing his degree in mechanical engineering he became a design engineer for Goodrich Actuation Systems where he is working on the thrust reverser system for the Airbus ...

Electrical Installation

Produced for Future Morph, these resources contain a video in which a student talks about her apprenticeship course in electrical installation at Exeter college. She describes the entry qualifications needed for her course, contrasts her experiences at college compared to school and briefly...


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