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Working in The Nuclear Industry

In this film, from the Institute of Mechanical Engineers, two young engineers talk about their jobs in the nuclear industry, and explain how nuclear power is providing reliable, low-carbon energy for the UK.

Who Does What at Brompton?

This film introduces the range of jobs in the Brompton Bicycle factory, where there are 70 staff on the factory floor building and making parts for the bicycles and 40 support staff. The jobs highlighted in the film include the technical support manager, lean manufacturing manager, design manager, quality...

The Cutting a Person in Half Trick

In the video Matt Parker presents the laziest cutting a person in half trick using a strip of paper. The strip of paper is used to create a Mobiüs loop which is then cut in half lengthways with surprising results. The ‘trick’ is then explained by exploring the properties of the Mobiüs loop. As a finalé Matt cuts a...

The Future of Programmable Systems

In this activity, students explore how programmable systems will develop in the future. Students are required to be able to recognise user needs that could be met by a programmable system and to use an annotated sketch to design a programmable system that will meet a specific user need.

As technology...


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