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Mary Quant

Dame Mary Quant is a fashion icon. The first detailed study of her career, this book shows how she revolutionized fashion, harnessing youth, streetstyle and mass production to create a new look for...

New scientist

New Scientist is widely read by both scientists and non scientists as a way of keeping track of scientific and technological progress. Many science articles in the general press are based on its contents, as New Scientist covers the social and cultural impacts and consequences of scientific and technological...

TEP Publications

These publications have been produced as part of the Technology Enhancement Programme (TEP). TEP materials do not prescribe what should be taught, or how. TEP has absolute confidence in the professional judgement of teachers to selectively copy or edit the materials as they believe appropriate. These resources are...

Core Maths

This collection contains resources produced by the Core Maths Support Programme to support the implementation of Core Maths.

The collection covers six mathematical areas:

  • Numbers and measures
  • Financial maths
  • Discrete maths
  • Algebra and graphs
  • Statistics
  • ...

Quantum Technology

The UK is at the forefront of research into Quantum Technology, where physics pushes the cutting edge of technological innovation. 

These resources, from the UK National Quantum Technologies programme, bring a-level physics and computer science bang up...

Autodesk fusion 360 basics tutorial

This book is written for students and engineers who are interested to learn Autodesk Fusion 360 for designing mechanical components and assemblies, and then create drawings.

These resources describe case studies looking at how teachers and schools across the country have benefitted from enhancement and enrichment programmes like STEM Ambassadors and STEM Clubs. STEM Ambassadors are volunteers of all ages and from all backgrounds working in STEM related roles from apprentices to...

This collection of videos, from the European Space Education Office (ESERO-UK),  presents a cross-section of people with careers in UK space industry. 

The majority of the videos include a version that can be used in the primary classroom and a version to use in secondary schools or colleges.  


The activities in this collection, from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, are all designed to introduce the principles of the circular economy to students in secondary school. Before teaching the activities, it is recommended that teachers firstly introduce the concept of the circular economy using the introductory...


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