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STEM Learning magazine: secondary and post-16 - autumn 2016

This edition of the magazine focuses on the new approach to GCSE food preparation and n...

Java programming with Greenfoot: bouncy coloured balls

In this revision tutorial students create a new game that features bouncing balls.  They revisit class and field structures, modifying images and using constructors to add new balls as well as exploring using methods to change parameters.

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13 misconceptions about global warming

This video discusses these 13 misconceptions, including:

Global warming is not happening so it was renamed climate change

The globe is not warming

In the past, scientists warned of global cooling

The Earth is cooling


Fire and ice

This resource presents some real seismic data recorded before a volcanic eruption and allows students to locate some of the resulting earthquakes by use of graphs and maps.


Student worksheet to accompany video: Do we favour fatty foods?

Use the data from our curry-tasting experiment to see if people prefer higher fat foods to lower fat ones

Fat at the cellular level

Lipids are essential components of membranes and even communication.


Explore the structure of lysozyme, and understand why protein folding is so important.

Protein synthesis

This poster explores the process of protein synthesis.

The cell poster

We all share something amazing in common – that we developed from a single sperm and egg to become complicated, sophisticated organisms, made of trillions of cells. But what are these cells like and how do they vary from one tissue to another?

This poster gives a flavour of the complex make-up of a...

Unintended consequences

Look at some examples of unintended consequences from the use of statistics, covering communication, miscalculation, sampling error and reporting risk.


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