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Wider Implications of Shopping

Produced by the Royal Academy of Engineering (RAE) this activity aims to encourage students to consider the wider environmental, social and economic implications of shopping. It can be conducted in small groups as an introduction to sustainability.


Published by the Wellcome Trust, the 'Big Picture' explores issues around biology and medicine. The human brain may be the most complex structure in the universe.

The brain is so powerful that it is attempting to understand itself, through research. New techniques have opened up ways of exploring the brain....

Sex and Gender

Published by the Wellcome Trust, this issue explores the biological basis of sex differences and the relationship between sex and gender. An activity encourages debate on the topic of sex selection.

The development of new reproductive technologies makes it possible for the first time to choose the sex of...


From the Wellcome Trust, this issue of the 'Big Picture' series reviews the causes, health consequences, and personal and social impact of obesity, and how it might be tackled. How is body weight controlled?

Why is the incidence of obesity increasing? What is the impact on people and society? What can be...

Enterprise Trading Game

This short film from BP Educational Service introduces the Enterprise Trading Game. In the game students work together competing to trade oil, demonstrating skills and values that contribute towards success in business.

Manipulating Surds N11

In this resource from the DfE Standards Unit students identify equivalent surds and develop their ability to simplify expressions involving surds. Students should understand what a square root is and be able to remove brackets correctly. (GCSE grades A-D; AS and A2 level)

Using Indices N12

In this resource from the DfE Standards Unit students are introduced to fractional and negative indices to enable them to evaluate numerical expressions using negative and fractional
indices and use the rules of indices with integer and fractional powers of variables. Students should have some knowledge of...

Analysing Sequences N13

In this resource, from the DfES Standards Unit, students learn to define a sequence using the
general form of the nth term, define a sequence inductively, recognise and define an arithmetic and a geometric progression and to reflect on and discuss these processes. Students should have some understanding of...

Interpreting Distance-Time Graphs with a Computer A5

In this DfE Standards Unit resource, students interpret linear and non-linear distance-time graphs using the computer programme Traffic. This program provides a simple yet powerful way of helping learners to visualise distance–time graphs from first principles. The program generates situations involving...

Interpreting Functions, Graphs and Tables A7

In this DfE Standards Unit resource, students learn to understand the relationship between graphical, algebraic and tabular representations of functions, the nature of proportional, linear, quadratic and inverse functions and doubling and squaring. Students should already be familiar with algebraic symbols such as...


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