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Behaviour for Learning in Science

This training resource from the National Strategies considers the causes of poor behaviour for learning as well as staff behaviour and its impact on learning. The aim is for teachers to: • Develop an understanding of how both student and teacher emotions can impact on learning. • Develop some strategies to avoid...

Strengthening Teaching and Learning in Science through Using Different Pedagogies: Unit 3 - Improving the Learning Climate

This study unit offers practical suggestions for use in the classroom when considering the climate for learning in the laboratory. All the strategies suggested have been tried and tested by teachers in their classrooms.

Contents include:

*Improving the physical environment in the laboratory

Elements of an Industry

This brief, non-technical guide to a number of important elements, and the part they play in modern industry, was produced by Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI). The information given in the book was first published as a series of press announcements during the period 1950-51.

The book contains information...

Inorganic Chemicals

This booklet, produced by Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI) in 1978, is about chemicals whose initial development in Britain was based on salt (sodium chloride): Ammonia, chlorine, sodium carbonate and sulphuric acid. It also looks at the importance of common salt chemistry to the development of the entire heavy...

Stem Cell Research

This poster illustrates how to culture adult stem cells, embryonic stem cells and the process of therapeutic stem cell cloning.

pH and Redox Measurements

This booklet contains a set of experiments and activities through which students can explore pH and the use of a pH probe.

1. Initial preparation
2. Battery
3. Electrode
4. Buffer solution
5. Instrument layout
6. pH measurement
7. mV measurement...

Animal Behaviour: Practical Work and Data Response Exercises

These books, from the Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour (ASAB), aimed to encourage the use of more practical work on animal and human behaviour and to enable students to develop an understanding of some basic principles of animal behaviour, relevant to biology and psychology.

Although originally...

Decisions in the Science Department: Organization and Curriculum

This book, first published in 1981 by the Association for Science Education (ASE) and Schools Council, looks at the range of decisions that staff in science departments are required to make and the problems associated with making them.

This report was the output of the Science Education Project set up after...

Nuffield Physics Background Book: Astronomy

This Nuffield Physics Background Book on astronomy uses a narrative to guide the reader through the development of theory in astronomy, from early ideas and Greek astronomy, through to the work of Kepler and Newton. Many hand-drawn diagrams are used to illustrate the concepts and suggestions for student activities...

Nuffield Chemistry: Book of Data

This Nuffield Chemistry Data Book contains the following sections:

Section 1: Basic information
Table 1.1 Selected...


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