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True Snowboards

This poster illustrates how expertise from designers, engineers and technologists is used to design and manufacture an innovative snowboard. It helps to illustrate how STEM industries offer many exciting career opportunities.



This poster describes four people in four different companies who all work together to produce an innovative flood defence system. To manufacture the produce requires the collaboration of designers, engineers, materials...

Where STEM Can Take You

Produced by Rolls-Royce, this entertaining video clip takes the form of an animated rap which describes a range of career opportunities open to students with skills in science, technology, engineering or mathematics (STEM). It makes a good...

Your career in cancer research

This booklet provides useful information on a variety of routes into a career in cancer research including the fields of mathematics, computer science, chemistry, biochemistry, physics, medicine and non-research roles.

STEM Ambassador top tips

We've put together a series of top tip guidance and advice documents that aim to help you with creating and delivering activities:

Stem Ambassador experience videos

We know that sometimes it can be difficult to visualise what STEM Ambassadors actually do.

Even after speaking to colleagues who are old hands at delivering activities, questions can still remain. Why do...

IMA maths careers resources

Six mathematical career case studies from the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications.

* Robyn Smith Operational Research

* Ruth Amos Inventor, business owner and trustee

* Zoe Kelson Mathematician and Business Development Manager

* Claire Burke Climate change attribution scientist...

Financial Consultant

Ian is an independent financial advisor for Valiant, he discusses his role in this video. Ian spent time in both France and Germany as a teenager and had a variety of jobs having completed a degree before becoming an independent financial advisor. Ian explains that a key part of being successful is having good...

Fund accounting manager

Magna is a manager in the fund accounting at Fidelity, she discusses her role in this video. Magna, raised in Zimbabwe, is responsible for a variety of back office duties associated with fund accounting. After completing A levels, Magna worked in a tax office as she could not afford to go to university, but...

Group financial controller

Nick is the group financial controller for The Paper Company, he discusses his role in this video. Nick manages a group of management accountants and is responsible for putting together the profit and loss balance sheets for all the different divisions of the company. At school Nick enjoyed maths and began work as...


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