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Pop rockets

In this activity, students create a pop rocket by combining a film canister, antacid tablet and water. 

Light Saver

This STEM resource gives young learners the opportunity to explore how engineering and science work together in the healthcare service. Students are challenged to work collaboratively to develop their curiosity and creativity through a series of fun and engaging activities. 

Engineering a better world

This STEM resource is inspired by the Africa Prize for Engineering Innovation.

Engineering a better world is a series of activities, practical tasks and discussion points that invite young learners to explore the role that young engineers and entrepreneurs play in developing innovations that will bring...

The Great Exhibition at Home

Inspired by Prince Albert’s original Great Exhibition, which showcased the most exciting technology and inventions from 1851, The Great Exhibition at Home Challenge invites students to create a Great Exhibition in their own home!

This resource pack contains information about the history of the Great...

This is Engineering: Entertainment

The This is Engineering: Entertainment STEM resource explores the essential role that engineers play in the entertainment industry.

This is Engineering: Entertainment asks young learners to express and share their thoughts and ideas, to be curious, experiment, find their own passions and interests, and to...

Student-led STEM Clubs - Handbook

A useful handbook for setting up a student-led STEM club, with exemplars from three schools.

It is increasingly recognised that giving students opportunities to act as ambassadors and mentors for STEM subjects outside of school can be of great benefit to the individual, their institution, and to the broader...

Mars Safari Education Pack

The Mars Safari Education Pack is designed to leave primary school children feeling like they’ve explored the Red Planet! Working in small groups, children design and build their own ExoMars rover, analyse ‘Martian’ soil samples, safely navigate the Rover across the surface of Mars and make a solar light that only...

Flying dragon

This activity provides pupils with the opportunity to explore the overlap between art and engineering. Pupils can work individually or as part of a team to design and build a moving model of a flying dragon. Pupils will learn what a crank is and how they work, how to measure the forces of a crank and how to build...

CD racer

This activity provides pupils with the opportunity to learn about speed and acceleration. Pupils can work as part of a team or individually to design and build a moveable object out of everyday items, which they will showcase in a final race session. Through this activity, pupils will learn about the impact of...

Lighthouse challenge

This video explains a short STEM activity, which provides pupils with the opportunity to develop their teamwork skills and their understanding of materials and structures by building a simple lighthouse. Pupils will be able to apply their design, making and evaluation skills as well as their understanding of...


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