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Less is more!

This resource gets students to look at how a product could be redesigned to require less packaging. Companies are being encouraged to develop ‘environmentally-smart’ retail packaging design. In this activity, students are challenged to redesign a familiar product so that it has less (and more sustainable) packaging...

Fair trade textiles

From Practical Action, these materials help students to look at Fair Trade and sustainable development. It poses the question: Is there any way in which the London Olympics in 2012 and future Olympics can contribute to making the world a fairer, more sustainable place?

Reusing textiles: waste to wear

In this activity, from Practical Action, students are challenged to design and make a good quality textiles product from some throwaway textiles collected from home or bought from a charity shop. Further resources are available from the Practical Action’s Sustainable Design and Technology database.

Inside Body *suitable for home teaching*

The Inside Body resource from the Association for Science Education (ASE) provides a template that students use to produce their own ICT presentations on the effects of a substance on the body.

By completing this activity students improve their ability to select relevant information for a presentation,...

Sources of Mathematical Discovery

This resource, published at a time when teachers had become aware of the tremendous need for motivational topics in mathematics, gives students an appreciation of, and insight into, mathematics and helps adopt an experimental attitude to the teaching and learning of the subject. The book contains ten units.


Investigations in Mathematics

This resource provides a wealth of ideas and inspiration for teachers looking to enrich the curriculum with investigative mathematics. There is a mix of examples drawing out the mathematics from a wide range of everyday objects and activities. The activities are split into six units.

  1. In Search of...

Teachers Evaluating and Assessing Mathematics (TEAM): Section 4 - Getting Started

This section of the Teachers Evaluating and Assessing Mathematics (TEAM) project, produced by the Mathematics Centre at the University of Chichester, contains ideas, approaches, lists of useful resources and teachers' comments about their personal experiences. The aim is to develop a whole approach and attitude to...

Science for Children with Learning Difficulties

The Learning Through Science guide on Science for Children with Learning Difficulties was written for teachers of children in the age range 8 to 13 who are unable to manage learning tasks which are successfully completed by most of their peers. This followed the recommendation in the Warnock Committee report of...

Problems for the Early Secondary Years

These four sets of problems, from the Nuffield Mathematics Project, have been designed for young secondary-school students. It was hoped that teachers would find them useful in conjunction with the main work described in the teachers' guides. The majority of the problems are investigative. It was felt that the...

Solving Real Problems with Mathematics Volume 1

Volume one of two publications produced by the Spode Group with the aim of providing a useful set of examples that are convincing applications of mathematics and applications which can be taught in schools.

This volume contains case studies with three distinct components: problem statement, teaching notes...


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