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Grit on the streets

In the context of finding out why we grit roads in winter, students are shown what happens when salt is sprinkled onto ice lollies.  They are then asked If they believe that the temperature of the ice lolly with the salt will increase or decrease, causing it to melt faster. Students then investigate some...

Mysterious eggs

In this mystery, students make a hypothesis based on the old saying that a rotten egg floats when put in fresh water, and fresh eggs sink.   This is a good investigation to discuss margin of error and the validity of the results.

Curriculum links include density, Archimedes, buoyancy.

Murder of the jeweller

The mystery revolves round a detective story which the students gradually solve. A jeweller has been murdered: the suspects are his metal suppliers but the motive and the culprit are initially unknown.

Students have samples of the various metals with which the jeweller worked. They find out the metals’...

Sea sand overseas

The mystery deals with sand that stays dry when water is poured onto it. Students are requested to find ways to build sand castles with this 'dry' sand.

Curriculum links include:  Chemical bonding, hydrophobic and hydrophilic interactions and compounds

Beyond Fair Testing: Teaching Different Types of Scientific Enquiry

The materials provide teachers with examples of different enquiry types, e.g. classifying and identifying, developing systems, and pattern seeking.  The booklet provides an overview of the enquiries and the particular approaches used. Scientists use many different ways to collect evidence, but a survey undertaken...

Food for thought: food supplies

A Year Ten module from the Salters’ double award science course. A text activity on world food supplies introduces a series of experiments on photosynthesis and the role of chlorophyll. Experiments on the effects of nutrient deficiency leads to consideration of the use of fertilisers.

Preparation of nitrogen...

Design a Pocket Handwarmer

In this investigation, from the Royal Society of Chemistry, students use a supersaturated solution of ethanoate trihydrate to create a pocket handwarmer. When crystallised, an exothermic change takes place.  The resource is set out as teachers' notes followed by the students' page which presents the task to be...

Case Study: Landbased Technology

Produced for Future Morph, this short video shows the activities of a student studying a National Diploma in Land Based Technology at Bicton College. The student describes how the course develops skills in the maintenance and repair of machinery such as tractors, commercial vehicles and other agricultural...

Magic Melting Ice Cubes

Simon Quinnell, from the National STEM Learning Centre and Network, shows how to carry out some ‘magic’ at the Christmas dinner table using ice cubes, a plastic chopping board and a frying pan.

When asked to feel the plastic and the metal, people usually describe the plastic as warmer to the touch. They...

Jelly Liquidiser

In this Christmas table experiment, Simon Quinnell, from the National STEM Learning Centre and Network, demonstrates why pineapple should not be added to jelly. When he adds pineapple to a bowl of jelly, the jelly liquefies due to the action of an enzyme in the fruit which breaks down the gelatin.

This is...


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