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Do Try This at Home: the Light Collection *suitable for home teaching*

This series of Marvin and Milo cards have been pulled together for the International Year of Light 2015. They include eight simple experiments that can be performed at home that link in to the theme of light, using: - A torch and a bottle to show total internal reflection - A glass of water to make a lens - Milk...

Life in the Freezer *suitable for home teaching*

If there is life elsewhere in our solar system it’s likely to live in a pretty cold environment. In this resource, students investigate the effect of antifreeze on the freezing point of water and how it can allow fragile cells to survive extreme cold. In the video, Judith Green explains how students can plan an...

Electric Motor

Produced by the National STEM Centre and the Institute of Physics, this video shows a simple method for making an electric motor using a battery, strong magnets and a copper coil. It allows students to investigate Fleming's left hand rule and the forces generated in an electric motor.


This Cre8ate maths activity draws on measuring stretchiness which involves the collection of real data, calculating percentages and experimental design. This resource models one way in which engineers use their knowledge of mathematics to investigate the properties of materials. Here students investigate the...

Bronze Award: Triathlon

 These materials look at three possible projects that relate to a wet suit used in open water swimming during a triathlon:

* Communications project - students gather information about the materials wetsuits are made from and explain what features make them suitable for athletes.

* Practical project -...

Bronze Award: Squeaky Clean

These materials look at three possible projects that relate to household cleaning products:

* Communications project - students gather information about cleaning products, compare them and explain how they are suitable for different cleaning problems.

* Practical project - students investigate how...

Bronze Award: Future Travel

 These materials look at three possible projects that relate to sustainable travel.

* Communications project - students gather information and explain about ‘green’ transport policies, reducing and offsetting carbon footprints.

* Practical project - students investigate how to compare carbon dioxide...

British Science Week: secondary activity (2016)

This resource pack is aimed at supporting teachers during British Science Week, but can be used at any time of year.  The theme for 2016 is all about the different spaces where science can be found and done. The focus is on the following types of space:

  • Built space:
  • Building a...


Professor Hal Sosabowski carries out a visually impressive demonstration using the hydrogen peroxide and oxylate esters inside glowsticks to show chemiluminescence, energy changes and rates of reaction. He mixes the chemicals in both standard and ultra-bright glowsticks, showing how the concentration of reactants...

Solar Tornadoes

This resource uses the context of tornadoes in the solar atmosphere to investigate circular motion and energy changes. A hole is drilled in the bottom of a washing up bowl and orange pith can be used to track the motion of the water when draining through the bottom and creating a vortex. The Key Stage Three...


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