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Evaluation of the impact of a continuing professional development (CPD) course for primary science specialists: full report

Published in April 2015 this is the final report evaluating the impact of a continuing professional development (CPD) science course for primary school teachers. The course was developed by the Wellcome Trust and the National STEM Learning Centre, and was designed to train primary teachers to become primary science...

Evaluation of the Wellcome Trust Primary Science Specialist Programme

Published in 2015, the Wellcome Trust worked with the National STEM Learning Centre and Network to develop an intensive CPD programme for primary teachers with the aim of improving their expertise to become effective leaders of science in their schools. The Trust commissioned the University of York to help them...

Developing great science subject leadership: great ideas for primary science from schools that value science

This leaflet provides support for a Primary Science Leader (PSL), based on good practice in schools that value science. It is aimed at helping PSL’s to  reflect on current science provision and how to plan for improvement. Key areas discussed are:

• looking at, how science is led
• looking at different...

The most able students: examining failure to achieve

Ofsted survey report investigating why many of the most able students from non-selective schools fail to achieve their potential.

Final report of the Commission on assessment without levels

DfE Advice for schools on assessment after the removal of the national curriculum levels system for grading children.

Pages 20-24 cover the principles that underpin assessment policies.

Page 41 recommends what trainees should learn about assessment during their training.  

Page 38 onwards...

Freedom to lead: a study of outstanding primary school leadership in England

This report details the findings of research examining the leadership of a sample of outstanding primary schools, many of them in challenging circumstances, to understand what part leadership – including governance – plays in their success.   The research...

Working with big ideas of science education

This publication follows five years after Principles and Big Ideas of Science Education, in response to concerns that many students did not find their science education interesting or see it as relevant to their lives. The original report identified ten big ideas...

Questions for governors: a framework to facilitate discussions between governors and school leaders

The questions in this framework can help governing bodies identify areas to celebrate or challenge in their schools, enabling them to work with their senior leaders to drive improvement. This framework aims to enable governors to perform at their best, exemplifying an approach which could benefit all curriculum...

Primary School Science Assessment

This report summarises the discussions from a seminar held at the Nuffield Foundation on 18th September 2012. It was held in response to the publication in July 2012 of a report written by a working group of primary science specialists entitled ...

Science and Mathematics Education 5-14

This report, produced by the Royal Society, has a triple purpose:

• to provide a summary of the quantitative information that is available on attainment and the workforce in respect of 5–14 science and mathematics education across the UK

• to explain the factors considered to have been influential in...


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