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The Mathematics of Satellite Design - Origami

Origami with squares

Solar panels are an important part of satellite design. There are design constraints on the distance a panel can be from the core of the satellite. In order to increase the area of the panels, satellites of the future may well deploy panels other than rectangular ones....

The Mathematics of Satellite Design - Overview

These 17 resources use the context of satellite design to link in to areas of the mathematics curriculum.

The challenges enable students to take an active stance in the solving of mathematical problems. This is achieved through a variety of approaches; some of the challenges are very open, whilst for others...

The Sky’s the Limit! Introducing GCSE Astronomy at Glyncoed Comprehensive School

Edexcel’s GCSE Astronomy syllabus provides an opportunity for students to develop their understanding and enthusiasm for astronomy, as well as to complement and extend the reach of their study of Key Stage Four science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) subjects.

This article from School Science...

The Space Academy: Going Beyond ‘Inspiration’ – a Pioneering Model for Science Education

This School Science Review article outlines the Space Academy programme led by the National Space Centre from 2008 to 2011 with the stated goals of harnessing the inspirational contexts of space and climate change to support GCSE, A-level and vocational students in their curriculum studies as well as to enhance...

The Structure of Matter

This poster looks at the structure of matter. One side of the poster discusses the limits of imaging with light and the use of electron microscopes, and looks at the 20th century pioneers – from J. J. Thomson’s plum pudding model, through Rutherford and Chadwick’s advances in understanding the nucleus, to the use...

The Webb Telescope in Fusion 360

These guides contain instructions on how to build a 3D CAD model of the Webb Space Telescope using Fusion 360. The Webb Space Telescope is a space telescope that will be...

Tides Simulator and Workshop

Produced by the National Schools Observatory, this PowerPoint workshop and accompanying flash animation explains tidal activity on Earth. The workshop takes the form of a PowerPoint presentation that explains why tides exist, why there are two tides each day and covers related topics such as spring/neap tides and...

Tiimityöskentely (Suomi)

Tim Peake Project: Stickers

This resource contains a sheet of fifty four space themed printable stickers. The stickers have been designed specially for the Tim Peake Primary Project. 

The stickers have been provided by ESERO-UK. 

Tim Peake: Becoming an Astronaut

Filmed at the ESERO-UK Secondary Conference, in 2014, this video features UK European Space Agency astronaut Tim Peake talking about the importance of science skills to be able to work on the International Space Station (ISS). He talks about his route to becoming an astronaut and possible career routes into...


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