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Interpreting data: muddying the waters

This is a problem solving lesson, designed to assess how well students are able to:

  • Interpret data and evaluate statistical summaries
  • Critique someone else’s interpretations of data and evaluations of statistical summaries

In addition, the lesson highlights some of the common...

Offers young readers a science book filled with unusual projects, such as making green slime, cooking edible glass, and creating fake blood.

A collection of experiments that can be performed using ordinary household objects, such as making a battery from money or a beach ball-powered elevator, plus explanations of why each works.

Representing variability with mean, median, mode and range

This is a concept development lesson that involves deepening understanding of how to calculate the mean, median, mode, and range from a frequency chart. Coverage is also given to using a frequency chart to describe a possible data set given information on the mean, median, mode and range.

The situation is...

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