Hello world: how to be human in the age of the machine

Welcome to the age of the machine, the story of a not-too-distant future where algorithms rule supreme, making decisions about our healthcare, security, what we watch, where we go, even who goes to prison. So how much should we rely on them? What kind of future do we want?

Hannah Fry takes us on a tour of the good, the bad and the downright ugly of the algorithms that surround us. In Hello World she lifts the lid on their inner workings, demonstrates their power, exposes their limitations, and examines whether they really are an improvement on the humans they are replacing.


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Author(s)Hannah Fry
Age14-16, 16-19, FE/HE
Published by

Shelf referenceMA3 FRY
Direct URLhttps://www.stem.org.uk/xfymr

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