Living on the veg: a kids' guide to life without meat


An exploration of why you may wish to live without meat and how to go about it healthily.

Are you thinking about giving up meat, but don't know how to go about it? This book outlines why people give up meat and how you can change your diet and still live a healthy life. It examines the different terms: vegetarian/pescatarian/vegan etc, how to tackle questions from family and friends and how to read and understand food labels, among many other topics.

The book takes you through the costs and benefits of this change in lifestyle. It includes a section on food groups and information about how you can adapt your diet to get all the right nutrients (such as iron).

The book goes on to give tasty and easy-to-follow recipes for the whole family, specially created by vegetarian blogger Jacqueline Meldrum of The recipes include dairy but not fish or meat.

This is a physical resource. Come and visit the National STEM Learning Centre library to see it.

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Subject(s)Food Preparation and Nutrition
Age5-7, 7-11, 11-14
AuthorClive Gifford
Shelf ref. number613.2 GIF

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