Wild about weather: 50 wet, windy and wonderful activities

With its humorous approach, fascinating facts, great pictures, and cool projects, there's no better introduction to the often wacky world of weather than this. It covers all the ins and out of how weather works: atmosphere and air pressure; sunshine, rain, storms, and wind; and strange phenomena. Travel the globe to examine different climates and systems. Check out wild weather phenomena, including tornadoes and hurricanes. Keep a weather log, and make a real barometer, thermometer, and wind vane. Every chapter has a "Forecaster's Corner" that children can use to make their own accurate forecasts and a "Weather Challenge" sidebar. All this, and weather lore, quotes, and statistics will get (and keep) kids' attention.

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Author(s)Ed Brotak
Age5-7, 7-11
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Shelf reference372.355 BRO
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