Thinking about maths: developing ideas through concept cartoon posters

This set of posters contain 20 individual Concept Cartoons. The booklet that comes with the posters gives background information on each of the maths Concept Cartoons, come complete with background notes covering follow up ideas and explanations for the maths behind the alternative ideas in the speech bubbles. These highly colourful maths Concept Cartoon posters are perfect to use in lessons, on corridor displays or for open evenings.

Each poster in this set of 20 illustrates a different science through an engaging Concept Cartoon. Concept Cartoons are designed to encourage learners to think and talk about maths. Learners can join in with the debate happening between the characters in the Concept Cartoons. Maths Concept Cartoons work well used at the beginning of a lesson to introduce a new topic and assess current levels of understanding. They are also useful as a revision aid at the end of a topic.

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Author(s)John Dabell, Ged Mitchell, Lauren Barnes
Age5-7, 7-11
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