Earth and atmosphere: study guide, teachers guide, commentary and activities booklet

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'Pathways through science' provides strategies for tackling the problem of differentiation through a versatile series of activities. The resources have been designed to match the proposed NEA/WJEC/ULEAC modular GCSE, but can also be organized for use with any other GCSE programme.

Each of the 13 modules consists of five elements:

  • Photocopiable activity sheets - each module is divided into a series of five or six episodes, comprising related activities
  • A magazine-style sourcebook providing scientific information and data needed for the activities, emphasizing the human, social and global contexts for scientific investigation
  • A study guide which serves as the students' map through the module and their personal record of achievement
  • A commentary book containing help, hints and answers, which can be used by students to support their work on the activities in an independent way
  • A teachers' guide which includes technical notes, an annotated version of the students' module map and examples of possible routes through each episode.

This module set contains the activity sheets, as well as a copy of the books. All the elements, except the activity sheets, are available separately.

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Age11-14, 14-16
AuthorEileen Barrett, Andrew Hunt, Bryan Milner
Shelf ref. numberA 507.12 NUF
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