Co-ordinated science GCSE book 1

'Co-ordinated science' corresponds exactly to the OCR double award GCSE science. Written by members of the team who developed the syllabus, it will prepare students thoroughly for their exams.

The modules covered in this book:

  • Waves in action
  • Energy at home
  • Moving around
  • Rates of reaction
  • Energy in chemistry
  • Rocks and metals
  • Supplying the cell control in animals and plants
  • Ecology.

The book contains:

  • Examples that show the real uses for science in our lives
  • 100% coverage of the Key Stage 4 programme of study
  • Checklists to match students work to GCSE grades
  • A special revision chapter written by the Chief Examiner.

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Author(s)Christopher Lale, Ann Daniels, Mark Duke
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Shelf referenceA 502 COR
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