GCSE additional science student's book: Edexcel 360 Science

Written by Edexcel themselves to give complete coverage of the 360 Science specifications, these market-leading teaching resources are the only 360 Science materials to include ActiveTeach and ActiveBook to help you create effective lessons that are seamless, inspiring and fun.

Gives students unparalleled support with clear and motivating Students' Books Motivates students with interactive ICT resources directly accessed from the pages of the FREE ActiveBook CD-ROM that accompanies the Students' Book Provides complete support for teachers, technicians and non-specialists.

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Author(s)Phil Bradfield, James de Winter, Andrew Harmsworth, Cliff Porter, Nigel Saunders, Richard Shewry, Martin Stirrup, Charles Tracy
Published by
Shelf reference500.1 BRA
Direct URLhttps://www.stem.org.uk/x897o

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