Cambridge IGCSE mathematics

'Cambridge IGCSE mathematics' has been developed to give maximum support for students studying for the 'Cambridge international examinations' GCSE. International examples are used throughout, 'localising' learning. An interactive CD ROM, supporting study and revision, is included. The book provides a complete match to the CIE GCSE mathematics specification.

This book contains:

  • Number: set notation and language; squares, square roots and cubes; directed numbers; vulgar and decimal fractions and percentages; ordering; standard form; the four rules; estimation; limits of accuracy; ratio, proportion, rate; percentages; use of an electronic calculator; measures; time; money; personal and household finance; graphs in practical situations
  • Algebra: graphs of functions; straight line graphs; algebraic representation and formulae; algebraic manipulation; functions; indices; solutions of equations and inequalities; linear programming
  • Shape, space and measures:¬†geometrical terms and relationships; geometrical constructions; symmetry; angle properties; locus; mensuration; trigonometry; matrices; transformations
  • Handling data:¬†statistics; probability; vectors in two dimensions
  • Illustrated glossary.

The accompanying CD ROM provides support for study and revision. It contains animated worked examples and a bonus Su Doku generator.

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