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A whole library to yourself! Imagine what it would be like to have your own library so you could look up information for homework, projects or just for fun. The Young Learners Library is a series aimed at developing new vocabulary, reading, writing and research skills, which will give children a head start in school years and in later life.

Picture dictionary- aimed at younger readers to help them learn and use new words. Contains over seven hundred entries with words arranged in familiar themes.

Dictionary - this title is the next step up the ladder for young readers. Over five hundred clearly defined words are included. Includes instructions on how to use a dictionary.

Thesaurus - this title contains synonyms and spellings for over three hundred words, great for improving a child's vocabulary and writing skills. Encyclopedia - from animals to transport, a wide variety of topics about the world are covered.

Atlas - factual information and fun illustrations are brought together to show readers the world's regions, people and their customs.

Covering a wide range of subject matter, these volumes create an easily accessible library of information that children can refer to at any time. 


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Author(s)Kay Barnham, Robin Lawrie
Age11-14, 14-16
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Shelf reference372.5 BAR
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