Crimes against nature

An impassioned, excoriating account of how Bush and big business are plundering the environment - and raking in the profits. Robert F. Kennedy, one of the world's most prominent environmental lawyers, charges the White House with the crime of pursuing private profit and personal power at the expense of clean air, clean water and live wildlife, enriching the President's pals while lowering the quality of life for the rest of us.

Kennedy lifts the lid on an administration whose policies have looted American money, helped its most notorious polluters and deceived its public. He shows how, in a cabinet that boasts more CEOs than any in history, industry lobbyists wield an unprecedented influence on policy; how the government has rolled back key environmental laws and suppressed reports on issues like global warming while covering up its true agenda with clever PR; how Bush preaches individualism yet doles out lavish subsidies to the energy barons; and how everyone's health and security worldwide are being sacrificed at the altar of profit.

Written in the belief that there's another way, 'Crimes against nature' powerfully makes the case for democracy against the corrosive effects of corporate corruption.

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Author(s)Robert F Kennedy Jr
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