Microscopic life

Kingfisher Knowledge is a groundbreaking series for readers hungry for information on today's hot topics. Lively, engaging text, packed with information, accompanies stunning photographs that enhance each chapter.

Amazing, state-of-the-art digital artwork guides readers into the fascinating heart of the subject.

Information panels throughout lead the reader to further discovery. Each chapter offers website links, book lists, places to visit and career information. Microscopic Life explores the lives of the tiny creatures that live around you, in you and even on you! These creatures are so small, you cannot see them unless through a microscope. And they are very tough - microscopic life lives in the coldest climates and on the deepest ocean floors, and existed on earth long before humans.

However, despite their strange shapes and names, most microscopic creatures such as plankton and pseudoscorpions are harmless to humans, but others, such as viruses and bacteria can be deadly. Discover all types of microscopic life forms and the places they inhabit, and wonder at how many live so close to you.

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