100 science lessons: year 1, Scottish primary 2

100 Science Lessons is a series of seven teachers' guides designed to give Scholastic's model for the planning involved and provide clear lesson structures for all the science lessons any class might need for each year R-Y6.

Using the content of all the UK curriculum documents offers comprehensive coverage and lots of choice. Units coinciding with work in the QCA's Science Scheme of Work are designed to work alongside and support the recommended lessons. 

The units are focused as:

  • Unit 1 ourselves: me and my body 
  • Unit 2 animals and plants: growing and caring 
  • Unit 3 the environment: the variety of living thing 
  • Unit 4 materials: properties of materials 
  • Unit 5 electricity: using and misusing electricity 
  • Unit 6 forces and motion: introducing forces 
  • Unit 7 light and sound: sources of light and sound 
  • Unit 8 Earth and beyond: star-gazing

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Author(s)Carole Creary, Gay Wilson
Age5-7, 7-11
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Shelf referenceA 372.35044 CRE
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