A2 Level biology

Ensuring smooth progression from GCSE and success in AS and A2 Level Biology written to meet the requirements of the new AS/A2 Level Biology specifications, these highly illustrated texts provide full coverage of the AQA/A specification and Edexcel (Option C).

The AS text helps students bridge the gap between GCSE and AS Level, while the A2 text helps them progress successfully on to the synoptic section of the A2 course.

Attractive and easy to use, clear, full-colour page design, highlighted key points and accessible language help less able students identify main concepts smooth progression and differentiation. Each topic gets progressively more difficult and includes self-assessment questions with answers to help students monitor their development.

Synoptic questions are provided at the end of the A2 text to test a variety of topics and draw together AS and A2 Biology assessment and revision. Summaries, key facts and definitions help students revise, while end-of-chapter questions for all abilities develop exam technique.

Answers are provided to all the questions in the texts Key skills the questions are suitable for demonstrating. Key skills are highlighted. 

Contents List

  • A2 Level Biology
  • Respiration
  • Photosynthesis
  • Genetics
  • Evolution
  • Classifying living organisms
  • Neurons and the nerve impulse
  • Receptors and the nervous system
  • Muscle: structure and function
  • Homeostasis
  • Excretion and water balance
  • Control and Coordination in plants
  • Population and communities¬†

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Author(s)Phil Bradfield, John Dodds, Judy Dodds, Norma Taylor
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