TRUMP astrophysics project, part 6, teachers' guide: galaxies, cosmology and relativity

The Teaching Resources Unit for Modern Physics (TRUMP) is a collaboration between school teachers and academic experts whose aim is to support the teaching of modern physics in post-16 courses.

The Astrophysics package was published in 1997. It was written primarily to support modules currently available in the A level physics syllabuses at that time. Parts of package were also relevant to astronomical topics within International Baccalaureate and GCSE courses as well as to adult and continuing education.

The development work was supported by Particle Physics and Astronomy Research Council (PPARC), the Nuffield Foundation, the Institute of Physics and the University of York.


  1. Introduction to Astrophysics
  2. Observational Properties of Astronomical Objects
  3. Star Formation and Evolution
  4. Planets and Orbits
  5. Telescopes and Instruments
  6. Galaxies, Cosmology and Relativity

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Subject(s)Science, Physics
Author(s)Jonathan Allday, Paul Birchley, Andrew Coleman, Tony Connell, Steve Eales, Linda Hodgkinson, Gareth Jones, Bob Kibble, Robert Laing, Rachael Padman, Becky Parker, David Sang, Elizabeth Swinbank
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