Longman biology 11-14

This highly visual resource motivates and challenges more able 11-14 year-old pupils. It covers the National Curriculum up to levels 8 and E, the 13 Common Entrance Syllabus and Scottish Environmental Studies Guidelines 5-14 up to level F.

Motivates and challenges more able pupils through in-depth content, questions and investigations. Reinforces, consolidates and extends learning with summaries, fact boxes, history sections, research activities and end-of-section synoptic questions.

Develops scientific knowledge and puts science into context both historically and in the modern world through applications pages at the end of each section. A FREE copy of the photocopiable Answer Book will be provided with all purchases of 15 or more copies of any Pupil's Book

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Author(s)Janet Williams, Chris Workman
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Shelf referenceA 570 WIL
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