Salters GCSE science: volume 1 year 10 units

Salters Science is a GCSE science programme which offers a motivating, context-led approach to GCSE science. Its underlying principles make teaching science an interactive process, with the aim of improving the results students achieve by inspiring them to want to learn more. The "New Salters Science" is a suite of publications to support the new specification. They provide a clear route through the course and make teaching more straightforward; make links between science concepts and real-life contexts; allow resources to be customized using material on CD-ROM; and offer optional information on CD-ROM.

There are exam questions and summaries to help pupils keep track of their progress. The course is endorsed by OCR. Two student books (for year 10 and year 11) form the basis for teaching. They provide all the information needed to cover the specification, are interactive and include questions and exercises. Two teacher and technician resource packs provide further support for varied and interactive approaches to teaching and learning.

They offer a structured approach to lessons with a broad variety of activities. Two customizable CD-ROMs contain all the material from the resource packs as well as background material to support teaching, including weblinks to keep the course up-to-date.

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Author(s)Gill Alderton, Mike Brimicombe, Byron Dawson, Bob McDuell, Keith Palfreyman, Ann Tiernan
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Shelf referenceA 500.1 SAL
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