Early years teaching file

Enjoyable activities that fulfil Early Years Science Outcomes. Accessible lesson plans support non-specialist reception and nursery teachers. All topics are linked to lively Big Big pages to stimulate engagement and discussion. Attractive Early Years Story Books introduce and reinforce the topics taught in the Teaching File. Easy to understand science background to each topic, with illustrations.

Guidance on how to get the most from the Big Book pages which link directly to each teaching topic. Links to Science Directions Story Books, or other resources which stimulate children's understanding and enjoyment of simple science facts. Accessible lesson plans feature: Clear activity aims and outcomes; Step by step guidance and suggested questions; Summary of skills gained; Key vocabulary used to boost literacy skills; Keys to observing and assessing children's progress; Clear listing of resources needed; Indispensable safety advice.

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Author(s)Alison Norman, Chris Sunley, Jane Bourne
Age4-5, 5-7
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Shelf reference372.35044 NOR
Direct URLhttps://www.stem.org.uk/x85mj

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