Health, safety and risk

Young people today grow up in a world where the media bombard them with information about the effect of various factors on their health, the safety of everything from household items to nuclear waste, and the risks associated with them. These ideas of health, safety and risk are often poorly understood.

Health, Safety and Risk has been produced in order to help teachers bring about a better understanding of these concepts in their students and so that, as young people growing up in a scientific and technological society, they can be properly aware of the risks associated with the world in which they live, and of attempts to minimise them.

This resource includes a range of activities for 11-19 year old students designed to promote an understanding of health, safety and risk within the world of school and work. It contains teachers' notes, background information, photocopiable student worksheets and answers. 

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Subject(s)Cross curricular
Author(s)Dorothy Warren
Age11-14, 14-16, 16-19
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