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A-level set practicals: using a potometer

This resource from SAPS supports the use of practicals across 2015 A level biology specifications.

This simple potometer allows students to work individually or in pairs to measure the rate of transpiration of a plant specimen within a one hour lesson. Assembled using low cost parts the apparatus offers an affordable potometer for all your students, giving them a chance to record water loss at regular intervals and an opportunity to investigate the effect of different abiotic factors on the rate of transpiration.

These resources and this practical allow students to develop their understanding of water transport through plants and factors that affect the rate of diffusion. Students can develop graph drawing skills, calculate rates of change, develop (and demonstrate) their skills of taking quantitative measurements as well as their ability to consider variables that need to be controlled.

Through the suggested questioning in the teacher support materials or the student worksheet students can be encouraged to explore the implications of their findings to real life situations.

Materials include:

  • Tested materials to support the A-level practical endorsement (CPAC)
  • Support materials for teachers and technicians
  • Student worksheet to help provide evidence for meeting the practical skills requirements
  • Student revision materials to help prepare for exams

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