A Parents’ Guide to Careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

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This guide suggests ways in which to maximise children’s interest in the STEM subjects in order to improve their chances of obtaining STEM qualifications which could lead to a STEM-related career.

The guide explains what STEM is, and why is it important. As well as highlighting the advantages of a STEM career, the guide looks to dispel some of the misconceptions surrounding the STEM subjects.

The booklet also includes contributions from a wide range of people enjoying a diverse selection of STEM-related occupations. It includes links to help parents start exploring the possibilities of real-world careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics as well as advice on STEM for girls, lessons from STEM in school and how best to get STEM into your home.

The parent guide looks to emphasise that, whatever a child’s chosen path, a greater understanding of STEM subjects will better equip them for adult life; that there are obvious career advantages in having a better understanding of today’s technological world and a better understanding of the concepts that lie behind issues such as global warming, stem cell research and renewable energy which will allow the next generation of citizens to make more informed decisions about corporate, state and global policies.


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