Students are asked to design and make a logo to promote anti-bullying that is suitable for production in all sizes and with a wide range of media. To begin students are asked to identify existing logos through a logo game app. They consider the moral issues of creating an anti-bullying logo and who it could support. They produce and annotate various ideas for their logo, before sampling different media to produce their logo on - cards, papers, boards, pens, pencils, paints etc.

Students use available media to create a final anti bullying logo, this may be replicated t different sizes depending on ability. They then produce an evaluation of their logo using De Bono's hats to guide them with their thoughts on the success of their logo design. Students also have the opportunity to consider the iterative process that took place as they were producing their logo, due to the simple nature of the making part it is expected that students can make independent decisions as they are working, within the short making time.

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