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Furniture and equipment in schools: a purchasing guide

The provision of furniture and equipment (F & E) forms a major part of schools’ spend – estimated to be up to£973 million per annum. Whether a school is undertaking a large capital project or a simple furniture renewal project, it is important that the money allocated to it is spent wisely.

This document is aimed at Heads, Governors and Bursars. It offers advice on the processes that should be followed when buying F & E. It is intended that different people will ‘dip into’ different sections, depending on their interests and the level of detail they require. As the document progresses, the level of detail increases.

 Appendix A covers detailed issues such as size, quality and aesthetics.

Appendix B gives Headteachers’ accounts of their F & E projects 

Appendix C gives references to publications and Internet sites where information can be found on highly detailed subjects such as worktop specification.

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